Best Shoes for Elderly Women and old ladies with Swollen Feet

shoes for the elderly woman

Leg or feet swelling is a very common issue just as we get older, irrespective of gender. It becomes impossible most of the time, for elder people with swollen feet to wear regular shoes.

So, here we are, we have picked some of the best shoes for elderly women and old ladies with swollen feet, compiled important details and helpful materials for help. This will surely help and guide you to choose the best option that suits such a problem.

Without going much into the medical reasons, about the swollen feet, and limiting our discussion to women only, specific shoes for the case are desired and will be discussed here in detail.

The swollen feet issue in women is known as Edema, for which specific shoes can help. Such special shoes for elder women with swollen feet are much comfier, roomier and easy to wear.

In fact, the doctors recommend elderly women with swollen feet to wear such special types of shoes to cure their foot and gait problems.

Which things to consider when choosing shoes for elderly women and old ladies with swollen feet?

If you are a senior woman and have swollen feet, then the choice of your specific pair of shoes depends upon a certain set of features. Below is such a list of those features, which you must adhere to before buying your desirable pair of shoes:


Swollen feet are usually bigger than the normal feet. But, this doesn’t mean that an oversized shoe would be the best solution. The reason is that the swollen feet at times do subside, which will make your costly oversized shoes totally useless.

On similar lines, the feet swelling can also increase, so this could make the normal-sized inflexible shoes completely useless as well. Therefore, the best solution here is to but normal-sized shoes, which fits your feet well with its current state.


The shoes for the subject issue needs to be relaxed enough to best facilitate their feet regardless of the intensity of swelling. This is best achieved with shoes, which are well padded from inside and/ or they come with the adjustable flaps as well.


Irrespective of the feet being swollen or not, the elderly women cannot afford to wear that footwear, which has a slippery base. They need to have shoes, which have a strong, firm and non-slippery grip on almost any type of surfaces.


Heavy shoes for swollen feet is a big no. They are very difficult to carry and could further severe the swelling of feet. Heavier shoes could also cause pain in the distended feet. So, for elderly women having such feet issues, the light most shoes make the best deal for them.

Flat Sole

The elderly women with enflamed feet cannot afford to wear a shoe that has a heel or uneven foot sole. You can be equally well fashionable by choosing a comfortable shoe, which actually has a flat base. A shoe with a heel or unnecessary curves in its base could further worsen the swelling of the feet and could also cause pain. Even if there is any sort of heel, then it should be minimum and not more than anything over 1 ½ inch.


Specialized shoes for a specific use normally comes with a hefty price. Therefore, nobody wants to start searching for new shoes anytime soon. It is ideal to consider the durability feature when thinking about the purchase of your intended shoes. It is understandable that the durability of shoes is not best judged when shopping online. But, you can make it easier by going through the many online reviews and customer feedbacks for the product under consideration of purchase.

Ease of Use

The nature of the swollen feet issue in seniors demands to have shoes, which could be worn and pulled off without having any assistance. The shoes that come with rigid buckles or shoelaces are quite difficult to cope with elderly women. Therefore, you should always look for those shoes, which come with the Velcro-type fasteners. They are much easier to wear and to take off as compared to any other type of shoes.


This might sound like a very insignificant feature to consider for the subject matter, but, in reality, it is quite a considerable one. Colors play a pivotal role in motivation of seniors. If they have the most desirable shoes for swollen feet but have a dull color, so they would lack the motivation to wear them. For this reason, nice color shoes or the ones preferred by the seniors should only be considered.

Our top picks for the best shoes for elderly women with swollen feet

The following is a list of the most desired and suitable footwear for elder women, who also have swollen feet issues.

We have picked the most suitable shoes that have verified positive reviews from the people who already have sued these with better results:

Propet Women's Cronus Comfort Sneaker

The shoes look stylish and comfortable right from the word go for the senior women with puffy feet issues. They are made from 100% neoprene stuff, which with its stretchable material is ideal to support feet in such condition. On top of that, the rubber sole further adds to the comfort and something, which supports well upon walking on rough and uneven surfaces. It does come with a little heel or shaft that measures nothing more than 1 ¼ inches.

This would give you a good control to your feet and wouldn’t add more to your already struggling feet. Practically, the shoes are good for both indoor and outdoor usage. The comfort of the shoe is further enhanced with the buckle on top. You can use it to open the top of the shoe in order to wear or pull of your shoes with ease.

Same is the case with heel as well, which is flexible and can be opened. The insole of the shoe is breathable and the open cell PU helps in directing the moisture out from the foot, thus making a cooler footbed. Finally, the PU outsole of this shoe provides the much needed traction and durability.

Our best rating

Propet Women's Cronus Comfort Sneaker
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MEJORMEN Edema Shoes for Women with Adjustable Strap Closures

These shoes from the manufacturer are specially marketed for senior women having Edema. They have all the qualities that an elderly women would want to best support her feet. There is a strap on the top, which helps to wear and pull of this pair with ease.

This also helps in adjusting the shoes as per your comfort level. The small back heel of the shoe is flexible as well and that is all thanks to the Velcro closures. You can have the best comfort and in treating the swelling by using this shoes with some variation of socks in its thickness, which is an ideal setting for sensitive feet. The uppers of this pair is made from very plush and high quality material.

The insole have high density that adds to the flexibility of the shoes and make them applicable for walking in or outside the house. On top of that, the pair also has the anti-slip protection so there is no fear of slipping on any kind of surfaces, while you have these shoes on.

The toe box is ideally made wide so that the already swollen feet doesn’t get squeezed at all from the toe side. Finally, many therapists and medical specialists also recommend this pair for all those elderly women, who have engorged feet concerns.

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MEJORMEN Edema Shoes for Women with Adjustable Strap Closures
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Silvert's Extra Wide Footwear for Swollen Feet Adjustable Closure

The comfort of these shoes goes to the next level with the memory foam insoles. The footwear is ideal for swollen feet. The best feature of this pair is its flexibility, where you could set the width of the shoes freely and totally as per your best comfort level. It is ideally designed to be skid resistant, so there will be no fear of slipping on any type of surfaces.

The shoes have a comfy design and allows elderly women to wear of take them off with utmost ease and without seeking any assistance. You can easily wear them for outside use as well. The soles are super sturdy and supports well on uneven surfaces, stairs and also in wet outside conditions.

On top of that, your socks would never get wet, if you used them outside in damp weather condition. Please note that the sole of this footwear is “B” wide, which is reasonably good and facilitate most of the elderly women having such wide feet. But, if you have a “D” or triple “E” wide feet, then you need to look elsewhere. Lastly, the plush insole serves as the best remedy for swollen feet. From no angle, the elderly women could have their feet squeezed inside it.

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Silvert's Extra Wide Footwear for Swollen Feet Adjustable Closure
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Silvert’s Comfortable Footwear, Elderly Women Adjustable Fastener

The unique selling point of theses shoes from Silvert’s is its adjustable straps. So, the elderly women with inflamed feet would have all the comfort of adjusting the fitting of the shoes as per their liking. The hoop and loop adjustable closure makes everything so easy in its usage. Taking them on or off the feet is quite easy and requires no secondary help for the elderly women.

They are skid-free and works like a charm on any type of indoor or outdoor surfaces. The feel of the shoes is very easy on swollen feet. It never causes any pain either while wearing these shoes or when you take them off after a long time. Thanks to the plush cushioning inside the shoes, which caters the swollen feet quite well. It has a low wedge heel, which is ideally designed, while keeping the needs of elderly women with swollen feet issues in mind.

The half-open top around the adjustable straps provides good breathing for the feet. It also makes them comfortable and sweat-free in hot weather conditions. Maintenance is easy as well. You could hand wash these shoes with mild soap, which comes out clean and fresh as new after every wash.

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Silvert’s Comfortable Footwear, Elderly Women Adjustable Fastener
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JIONS UNISEX Adjustable Extra Wide Shoes for Swollen

These are the best unisex shoes out there, which are highly preferable for seniors having swelling issue in feet. They are suitable for elders with having extra wide feet. The size or the space inside the pair could be easily adjusted using the Velcro hook and loop closure.

The rubber sole provides a nice and tight grip on varying surfaces. It offers good enough traction to ensure walking safety of women. It also makes it a useful option for outdoor use and even provide good support in damp conditions with no fear of slipping. Your socks wouldn’t get any moisture if you use them in wet conditions. The manufacturer offers this shoes in different ranges.

The A, B and E shoes are ideal for winter, spring and autumn usage for its breathable woolen upper. The C & D type is specifically designed for summer use. The woven breathable fabric of the footwear makes it a highly comfortable experience in hot weather.

Just like the types, the size range of this footwear is quite diverse. You can easily find our best size from the range. Finally, they are easy to maintain and last for a good long time.

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JIONS UNISEX Adjustable Extra Wide Shoes for Swollen
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The best shoes for elderly women and old ladies having swollen feet gives the best comfort that they deserve. Firstly, they are easy to wear, lightweight and flat enough to move easily on varying surfaces. Senior women with feet swelling demand comfort especially with adjustability. This is best offered in most shoes with its adjustable strap.

The inside already has enough room to accommodate both the feet and the varying swelling on them. The comfort of such footwear is further enhanced with the comfy insole cushioning and also the assurance of breathability factor in the feet.

The women looking for such shoes want them to be good for both indoor and outdoor use. They even want the pair to be skid-free and suitable to use in damp conditions as well.

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